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Friday, January 1, 2010

The first day of 2010

Ah woke up absolutely refreshed after my flight back to Darwin yesterday. How did I spend New Years? - going to bed at 10pm - lol. I really needed the sleep.

Anyway I have just had my egg whites with cheese for brekky and it is my absolute fave to eat - yummy.

I have just been reading Tara's blog this morning and she has passed on the Beautiful Blogger Award to me.

I must now share seven things about myself and pass it on to seven other bloggers.

1. I joined the Australian Regular Army in 2005 when I was 17.
2. I was lactose intolerant as a baby
3. I was a tomboy when I was a child and had a penchant for wearing colourful vests and hair bands as anklets.
4. I am absolutely terrified of green tree frogs
5. The smell of the yolk of an egg makes me puke (yuck)
6. I am addicted to reality tv shows such as - Playboy Mansion, Keeping up with the Kardashians, My Super Sweet 16 etc etc.
7. I got braces put on in September last year.

Wow, that was kinda hard to think of 7 things without going into the overshare territory ha ha :)

Apart from that looking at having a good day for eating and will have to ring and check if the gym is open, not sure if it is since its New Years Day and all.

Talk soon (oh almost forgot I have to choose 7 other bloggers to share 7 things about themselves - ok here goes

- Bluegirl
- Krissa
- Hannah
- Laynie Kelly
- Shaboom
- Chelle


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