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Monday, December 28, 2009

Killer Back Session with Tara (aka "massive shoulders")

Well..... rolled outta bed this morning and damn my butt is sore from all the Noosa Hills Tara and I tackled yesterday. Great session.

Tara picked me up this morning and we hit the gym (what a maze). We started off with Assisted Pull-ups and damn they hurt - ALOT, I was thinking geez I am sore already and its only the first exercise :)

We then moved onto Lat Pull downs, followed my seated rows, upright rows, bent over rows, skull crushers and another exercise which I cant remember off the top of my head.

During this session I really learnt that I have not been pushing myself hard enough in my session back home in Darwin. I have been concentrating so much on getting the same amount of reps each set for the whole lot, rather than going to failure. So when I get home I will be really upping the ante so to speak. Heavier weights are on the cards.

After this Tara helped me with posing and we practiced in our "stripper heels as I like to call em". Tara helped me with all the compulsory poses and symmetry poses. Wow - it may look easy , but hell it aint and I was sweating ALOT and my muscles were burning.

I learnt alot today and I am grateful for having Tara as my Trainer.

Tara also took my skinfolds - was the first time I had them done. Overall I think I was around 84mils.

Well I am recovering at the moment lying down and looking forward to my last session with Tara in the morning before I head back to my folks place and I fly back to Darwin on Thursday, I can honestly say I love Noosa and I will miss it, even though I have only been down here for 2 days, lol.



Sunday, December 27, 2009

Noosa has VERY VERY steep hills

Hi everyone, well I finally have some access to a decent internet connection whilst I am on holidays. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

I am in Noosa at the moment and I love it here, so much scenery and I am loving the weather even if it has been raining a lil.

I came down to Noosa so that I could meet my trainer Tara. I was very excited to finally meet her. Tara decided to take me for a cardio session today and we set off down the hill, I thought ah this aint so bad, until we turned 2 corners and in front of me was a massive steep hill, and then another and another and then 202 steps up a steep hill and another few hills (you get the picture), owwww owww, but oh so good, lol.

All in all it was a wonderful session and tomorrow I am looking forward to a weights session and posing practice with Tara.

I just had dinner and I think I possibly has the best grilled barramundi and scallops EVER - YUM, and that didn't really touch the sides so I then had some chicken and I think I am going to eat again soon. I was famished after the cardio.

Well I am really quite sleepy, its been a pretty big day driving, walking around Noosa and the hill session that really ended it for me (followed it up with a lovely swim in the pool, ahhh).

Talk soon
Christina xxxx

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last post for a few days while I am in transition - Flying to Brisbane

Hi everyone.

Well the past week has been going well for food and training. On track with everything.

Weight is steady at 67.5 but still losing cms which is awesome. Since starting training with Tara I have lost 48cm in 9 weeks. I am very happy with my progress and feeling fitter by the day.

Well talk to you all soon and I hope everyone is training hard :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So far so good....

Hi everyone,

Well it's been almost a week since I have made a post - oops. Well I will start from Friday morning last week. On Thursday night I went to bed feeling a lil bit sick in the belly, I was hoping I was just full. Come 3 am Friday morning, I was throwing up everything from the day before I think - CAN U SAY YUCK?

Do you know what the only thing that was going through my head ???
I was thinking, oh shit, its depletion day and then carbing up from tonight till Sunday morning and how on earth am I gonna make it the gym to train in this condition. I felt horrible. Anyway after emptying everything in my poor belly, I limped back to bed and tried.. to go back to sleep. That wasn't happening at all I can assure you. In the morning I was still worse for wear and well next stop was the bathroom (I DONT THINK I NEED TO TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED FROM HERE). Laugh everyone, laugh :) my other half certainly was.

I grabbed my blackberry and fired off an apologetic email to Tara, saying I don't think I will be able to train today and pretty much what do I do from here, since it's meant to be carb food tonight as I am on Keto through the week.

By now I was back in bed, and sent the other half to the chemist to get me gastro-lite and some Imodium. I spent the WHOLE DAY in bed feeling sorry for myself. Come Sat I was as good as new. Went and did cardio and I was finally able to eat :)

So this week so far my program has been the following:

Monday - 45 mins cardio in the morning, legs in the evening
Tuesday - 45 mins cardio in the morning and triceps and biceps in the evening
Today its gonna be chest and shoulders :) YAY

Anyway I hope everyone has been having a great week and training hard :)

Remember - 'Don't let anyone ever DOUBT you' , the doubters are the ones who are jealous!!!!!

Happy training


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back & Shoulders and all things in between

So another successful day at the gym. This morning I did low intensity cardio, keeping my heart rate between 120-130. Hit the cross trainer and stair master for a total of 45 mins.

This afternoon I trained shoulders and back. Trained back pretty damn hard. I am still sore from yesterday's session which was triceps and biceps. Ow those tri's hurt, but that is good

On another topic, I will be heading to Noosa this month to see my lovely and ever so helpful trainer Tara - YAY , so excited to meet you and start posing etc.

I was just on Facebook and I saw an awesome quote on Vicki's page (I LOVE IT)(SO TRUE)

“Obsessed is how the lazy describe the dedicated.”
– Russell Warren

Ok so I have skipped to many random topics again in the one post, but my head is moving a million miles an hour and I want to make sure I write everything down. :)

Anyway I am about to have some grilled lamb steak for dinner and will prob eat something else after that (gotta get those calories up)

Talk soon,

Christina xxx

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ow my Legs and Butt hurt :)

Hi everyone,

Yesterday had an awesome session at the gym. Started with 3 sets of 20 squats. I then moved onto Romanian Deadlifts and completed another 3 sets of 12. Then it was step ups - I used a 15kilo plate (which was a jump from 10kilo). I then did lunges with barbell on shoulders and finished with a set of 50 on the leg press. After that I worked my abs. Well I rolled out of bed this morning, and thought "I'm only a little sore which is good", well I think I spoke too soon, I hit the gym for my morning cardio and all's I could think was geez my butt and hammies hurt, ha ha. The pain only continued to get worse throughout the day. I am happy I am sore, because I know I pushed myself.

This evening I worked on Shoulders and Chest, two of my fave bodyparts to work. I love doing push-ups, bench and shoulder presses, well I really love any exercise that works these muscles.

Other than that, I have had my 200grams of lamb for dinner (I am very full right now) and am relaxing on the couch.

Looking forward to low intensity cardio in the morning. Oh by the way, I have been offered a job starting in Jan at my Gym - Fernwood, so I am stoked about that, initially I will be a member motivator as well as possibly running my own boot-camp class. I have recently enrolled to do my Cert 4 in Fitness - waiting for my materials to arrive. I will be completing this via correspondence. I am looking forward to next year :) :)everything seems to be falling into place. Anyway talk soon

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ah well it is Sunday and it is rest day, but it also back to Keto - YAY
Just having a relaxing day today and just been shopping - Went to Witchery and bought a top which was a Size Small - :) very very happy.

Loving being on leave at the moment, its so good just being able to train, sleep and eat. :)

Anyway my motivation is through the roof as changes are continually happening. This journey has started off tremendously and I look forward to the months ahead. Thanks again Tara for all of your support and your knowledge :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Well, yesterday had depletion training at the gym, doing 4 sets of 20 reps for each muscle group. I started with legs, that wasn't so bad but I was working up a sweat and the gym has air con :), I then hit chest - owww, and then tri's (ow again) and on and on went the pain and it hurt and hurt - but at least I know I did something. Under the instruction of Tara, I started hitting the carbs from dinner and have to keep that up until tomorrow when I can go back to Keto. To be honest - I miss KETO!!!!. I feel bloated and yuck, lol. Woke up this morn and surprisingly was feeling flat and light (even though I carb loaded at dinner), weird. So I am at 67.7, might be a drop in water there, not sure, because a couple days before I was at 68.3.

So I started today off with 1 hour of cardio, which was good, hopped between machines to mix it up. I am hoping the day goes fast so I can go back to Keto, I miss it (I am harping on eh), I feel weird eating what I call 'bad foods'. lol.

Well talk soon.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Owwww, Im laxing on the couch and my triceps hurt, :) but it's a good pain. Started off with tricep push-ups and ouch, think I am sore from yesterday's session, lol. Had a great session at the gym, smashed triceps pretty hard and threw bi's in there for extra measure. Finished by working the abs.

Well only 2 days left at work for the year, so excited!!!! Can't wait to be sleeping, training and exercising and that's it, ah no work till the 19th Jan for me.

Today has been another good day for food, kept the carbs low and good fats and protein up. Still have dinner to go and it looks like its garlic prawns again and might have some fetta and natural peanut butter before bed. Other than that, I feel like I am in a good place, motivation is higher than ever, I am feeling fantastic and fitter as every day goes by.

Talk soon everyone. I will get a pic up soon, but if anyone has facebook, you can add me there under the email christina_2288@hotmail.com

See you soon
Christina xxxx

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Well food prep for tomorrow is all done. Think I'll hit the hay soon, gotta get my recovery sleep. Oooh on another note, I should have my posing shoes by the end of the week from Style on Stage, cant wait to start strutting around the house, might be noisy though as I have a wood floor :). Jo also has the most amazing posing suits on there as well, so glittery, ooh the glamour.

Anyway this one is hitting the hay. Night night to everyone and train hard :)
Hi everyone, stoked to have you all on board. Anyway so today started out well, hit the gym for my morning cardio after my scrummy brekky of egg whites, cheese and bacon bits. Jumped on the True Strider for 45 mins and burnt 712 calories, good start to the day and woke me up. After a shower and change, started eating again :), everyone in the office is like " Christina are you eating again?", "do you ever stop eating?", well the answer really is no, and unless they understand what I am doing well......

After work, it was gym time again, yay. I love tuesday's, chest and shoulders, oh goody. Oh how I love push ups (seriously), comes with the job I guess. I feel quite proud pumping out sets of 15 on toes while others are on their knees. Ok I promise I am not gloating :) or am I?? LOL.

Wait another fave exercise - bench press. Yay. Ok, now here comes the rant for the day, there is this lady (pt at the gym) who has to butt her nose in where it is frankly not wanted (now I am also qualified Cert 3 in Fitness mind you, working on 4) and she tells me I should'nt be going all the way to my chest on Bench. HA HA HA, I'm sorry lady, but no half arsed effort for me. After being a National Champion weightlifter, I think I know how to bloody bench press. Besides I was doing sets of 10 on 40kg so she can shove it. I politely thanked her for her advice, but oh how I wanted to tell her to shove it. Ok so it's off my chest now guys, but she really annoyed me. Last time she was telling me I squat too deep (this lady is a serial offender). Habit from my ol lifting days. If you wanna check out an old pic of me in action check out - www.qwa.org
Search for profiles, and mine is there with a piccy for u to giggle at.

Anyway overall had a great sess this arvo, loved the jelly like arms on the steering wheel driving home. Bout to have some dinner - mmm prawns mmmmm.

Talk to you all soon, xx

p.s. I promise there is no inflated ego, ha ha, this lady just got on my nerves and you guys were the first to know :)