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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Walking lunges hurt :)

So I slept in this morning because I could - gotta LOVE being on leave. Decided to do legs today as there were no gyms open up here yesterday.

Tara has recently done up a new program for me and started with legs today. Started off with barbell squats, did a set of 20 on 35 kilos, set of 15 on 45 kilos and set of 15 on 50 kilos. I then did plie squats with barbell, did 3 sets of 12, prob should have bumped up the weight here, did 22.5 kilos for these.

Next up walking lunges, a set of 40 with 10 kilo dumb bells each hand and I was feeling pretty crappy after that first set, my back side was hurting ALOT, haha, I then used 5 kilo dumb bells in each hand and did 2 more sets of 40 walking lunges.

I then did seated leg curls, first set was on 25 kilos, second set on 30 kilos and third set on 35 kilos, reps ranging from 12 to 8 for the last set.

I then did Butt Bridges on the Swiss Ball for 3 sets of 20 and by gosh this exercise bloody hurts, owwww.

Needless to say a few times during the walking lunges I was feeling pretty nauseous - WHAT THE??? ha ha

Other than that the day has been going well for food and I have not put on any weight over the Christmas / New Year period which I am happy with.

This arvo will be heading out for a 45 min walk to relax and ease the soreness I am feeling in my butt ha ha.

Talk soon


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  1. Lunges are the devil hehe but they sure do assist in getting nice defined glutes! Hope your not in to much pain over the next two days! i look forward to following you to the stage what comp you aiming to compete in?