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Sunday, January 3, 2010

People who criticise....

Hi everyone,

My legs and butt are still recovering from yesterday's session. Hit the gym this morning for some low intensity cardio on the cross trainer and treadmill for 45 mins followed by some posing practice.

Food has been better today, got my calories up today, not near where I am meant to be but closer. I am about 400 calories below where I should be, but on the bright side my macros are pretty much right.

So thought I would throw this one out there - I put on my FB page that I was excited about training hard tomorrow, and what is the first comment I get "You are very weird", and then "nut job", now the thing these people don't realise it that their negative comments actually spur me on to push myself harder and to eat cleaner and be BETTER.

I ask all you fitness girls out there have you had negative comments like this???

Well I am outta here to cruise the net further. Will blog tomorrow night after my weights session.

Have a great day.

Christina xx


  1. Hi there! I have been following you for a while (oooo stalker lol!!!) and I thought I better pop in to say hello.

    As for the negative comments, they are everywhere! Being a teacher, I have a lot of people around me, all of the time (we have our breaks at the same time...when the bell rings!). We have a large female staff as well. The few guys don't seem to worry about much, but the females are always asking me about what I am eating, why I eat it, try to encourage me to eat there cakes and stuff that they have made for morning teas, and they used to get offended when I declined to go to coffee with them. Mind you they used to go 24/7, and I did go a few times.

    This lifestyle really identifies who your support people are. Who your real friends are and who in your family can accept your decisions. Find those people, Christina, and stick to them like glue because they are priceless!

    Which comp are you looking at entering in?

  2. Hi Lauren,

    Great to have you along. Thanks for ur advice, it is exactly right. It shows who the real friends are.

    I am entering in INBA in QLD in Sep this year. Do you compete as well?

  3. Oh Christina let the fun times begin hehe! The whys and what the's blah blah blah! Why do you eat that?, How come you do this? What does that do? blah blah blah hehe my god wait till you start leaning up i always coped omg you look so sick ( mind you mostly from overweight ppl)What a silly sport!! And when you try tell them why and what you are doing they just dont get it this is why bloggerland rocks we ALL get one another hehe! Stay strong and let those silly comments drive you hehe! Im competing it Sept too hopefully ill get to cheer you along! : )

  4. Christina, just smile and say 'because I choose to' or 'because I can'... I'm done explaining myself to people. I just laugh it of and think to myself 'just you wait'.... trust me when I say that once they see your achievements, they will all be swooning over you and asking how they can do the same and how they can have abs like you, especially when you are at that point close to comp before you start leaning right down to the final stages, that's when everyone wants to look like you :) Let it be water off a duck's back because when you get up on that stage they are all going to want to be you!

    Keep up the great work honey xoxo

  5. I agree w/ Lauren and I say delete those people from your "friends" list...LOL. Although, if it spurs you on-then great! Frankly, other than close family & friends-I think most of my FB "friends" are either already fit or on the road to getting fit-so they tend to not leave negative comments.
    And as everyone else mentioned...those who don't have a clue about a fitness lifestyle will A-bombard you with questions and/or B-put you down for wanting to be healthy and fit because of their own guilt and laziness...
    that's just the way it is...but, we fitness bloggers will never put you down-we are all here to support! So, maybe get more blogger frineds on FB! cheers!

  6. Yep, I hear those type of comments all the time. I laugh and tell them "they don't know what they are missing out on" lol. I agree with the girls, surround yourself with people that are encouraging and have the same goals. :)

  7. Hi guys,

    I would like to thankyou for your input and its great having like minded gals out there who are supportive.