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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Phew what a Week!!!

Well last week the 19th of Jan saw me go back to work. Well actually 2 jobs, lol

So Army from 0700 - 1600 hrs each day Monday - Friday , and straight after that I would rush to the bathroom, have a quick shower, throw some mascara on and head to Fernwood Gym to work from 5pm til 8pm each day, and I worked on the Sat from 0745am til 1pm. All my weight training for the week was done at lunch time and cardio in the morning. All's it takes is a lil juggling and hey you can do it.

I have found working out at 12.30pm pretty darn good, I have had much more energy to go harder.

I eat throughout the day constantly at my desk anyway, so getting my meals in hasn't been a problem.

Apart from that I had a training session yesterday with the beautiful Vania Smith, she trained me on legs, and boy she trained me hard. It was great having someone there to push me hard. I did leg press yesterday which I don't do alot of and I leg pressed 240kilos for 8 reps. I was sweating after the session profusely and throughout of course and I staggered out the door ready to vomit, worst feeling ever, lol.

Today I have had a relaxing Australia Day, went and saw the movie Avatar for the 2nd time today.

Well have a great day everyone

Christina xxx

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  1. Wow, no wonder you haven't had time to blog! You must be exhausted. Good job on keeping the training up - I reckon I would be needed a nanna nap if I worked that much.