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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Inspiration in BLOG LAND and training

Wow, I am so full right now, but no bloated, lol.

I love this blog land that we have, the support from all the girls out there is amazing and it truly means the world to me. No one here is negative , they are there offering truly amazing advice. Tara also gets a special mention - having her to help me has been truly amazing, her wealth of knowledge, her confidence in me and all round she is such a down to earth person, no diva there people.

I hope to meet some of you lovely ladies at the comps this year, so far I am flying down to the IFBB Show in Caloundra in April, hopefully the IFBB in Melbourne in March to watch and of course the INBA in September. I'll have to check the contest calendar for others.

So this afternoon I trained back and delts. Had a really great session. I am so sore all over from my training this week, I have really been pushing myself.

Well time for me to hit the hay soon. Another big day in training and eating, off to see the chiro and get my braces tightened tomorrow :) FUN



  1. I'm glad that you are loving blog land its great hey! I'm glad i had all these lovely bloggers thru my first comp prep it made my experince wonderful and supportive, i didn't feel alone or feel any negativity at all everyone of these lovely bloggers offers something different and are all beautiful unique ppl i have learnt a lot from them all! I'm always at comps on the Goldcoast and Brissie so hopefully I'll get to meet you im competing in septin INBA intermediate so I'll definatley be seeing you there : )

  2. Hey Chrissy, I highly recommend the ANB Asia Pacific on the goldie at the end of May. We watched last year and it was a really good comp. One of my best friends is competing at it this year, can't wait!!

    And you are more than welcome. I am so happy to help! we all started from the same place and blog land is so helpful and supportive!! xx