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Monday, December 28, 2009

Killer Back Session with Tara (aka "massive shoulders")

Well..... rolled outta bed this morning and damn my butt is sore from all the Noosa Hills Tara and I tackled yesterday. Great session.

Tara picked me up this morning and we hit the gym (what a maze). We started off with Assisted Pull-ups and damn they hurt - ALOT, I was thinking geez I am sore already and its only the first exercise :)

We then moved onto Lat Pull downs, followed my seated rows, upright rows, bent over rows, skull crushers and another exercise which I cant remember off the top of my head.

During this session I really learnt that I have not been pushing myself hard enough in my session back home in Darwin. I have been concentrating so much on getting the same amount of reps each set for the whole lot, rather than going to failure. So when I get home I will be really upping the ante so to speak. Heavier weights are on the cards.

After this Tara helped me with posing and we practiced in our "stripper heels as I like to call em". Tara helped me with all the compulsory poses and symmetry poses. Wow - it may look easy , but hell it aint and I was sweating ALOT and my muscles were burning.

I learnt alot today and I am grateful for having Tara as my Trainer.

Tara also took my skinfolds - was the first time I had them done. Overall I think I was around 84mils.

Well I am recovering at the moment lying down and looking forward to my last session with Tara in the morning before I head back to my folks place and I fly back to Darwin on Thursday, I can honestly say I love Noosa and I will miss it, even though I have only been down here for 2 days, lol.




  1. Hi Christina! Welcome to blog land. You have got a very inspirational, hard working coach in Tara. Wow, ex weightlifter too! Look forward to reading your blog and seeing you compete on stage.

    Shannon :)

  2. Hi Christina & Welcome! You're going to fit right in amongst us other competitors here in our little blogging community.

    I look forward to following your progress to the stage. :o) xxx