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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cardio , Chest and Shoulders and DOMS rears it's ugly head :)

Hi everyone,

So this morning I went to the gym nice and early and did my 45 mins of cardio on the bike. I then had around 2 hours of induction training for my new role as a member motivator at my gym. I will be working on Saturdays starting in a week's time :) Can't wait to start. Then went to the chiro, to get my back cracked and just about everything else cracked :)

So on the way home, I stopped to get some petrol and I forgot to take some snacks with me :( oh oh - who was a weakling and purchased a 20g Caramello Koala :( ME!!!!!!
So that kinda threw my carbs out for the day. I am admitting it though, and I know that is the best thing.

This afternoon went back to the gym and trained chest and shoulders - oh how I love training chest and shoulders, I think I could do push-ups to the sun comes home, def one of my fave exercises.

Trained really hard on chest and my chest was actually starting to hurt. :)

Other than that the DOMS from yesterday's leg session started to kick in this afternoon - Owwwww - it hurt ALOT walking up the stairs to the gym, haha.

Anyway not much else to report, apart from the caramello koala incident, it has been a pretty good day for food.

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  1. Hope you enjoyed it!! Doesn't look like it will affect you much though. Sounds like you are still training like a Trojan. Well done!