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Monday, January 11, 2010

Legs Day and other tid bits

So went to the gym this morning and sat on the bike for 45 minutes. I then went to the post office and faxed off my nutrition assignment for my Cert 4 - yay

This afternoon hit the gyms for my legs session - boy I was sweating alot and the place is air con. Bumped up the weights today, see how the legs are tomorrow, if they are not hurting, I'll know that I didn't lift heavy enough.

Now as I was sitting on the bike this morning there was a pump class due in half hour, most of the class was there half an hour early, no instructor in sight at all. The ladies set up their weights and then proceeded to sit on their steps for half an hour - WHAT THE

There were about 15 free cardio machines in the gym ?????? Now is it just me, but when I used to go to classes, if I showed up early I would sit on a cardio machine until the class started - NOT SIT ON MY ARSE FOR HALF AN HOUR AND JUST WAIT FOR IT TO START

Ok my rant is over, but I see this time and time again. What a waste.


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