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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back & Shoulders and all things in between

So another successful day at the gym. This morning I did low intensity cardio, keeping my heart rate between 120-130. Hit the cross trainer and stair master for a total of 45 mins.

This afternoon I trained shoulders and back. Trained back pretty damn hard. I am still sore from yesterday's session which was triceps and biceps. Ow those tri's hurt, but that is good

On another topic, I will be heading to Noosa this month to see my lovely and ever so helpful trainer Tara - YAY , so excited to meet you and start posing etc.

I was just on Facebook and I saw an awesome quote on Vicki's page (I LOVE IT)(SO TRUE)

“Obsessed is how the lazy describe the dedicated.”
– Russell Warren

Ok so I have skipped to many random topics again in the one post, but my head is moving a million miles an hour and I want to make sure I write everything down. :)

Anyway I am about to have some grilled lamb steak for dinner and will prob eat something else after that (gotta get those calories up)

Talk soon,

Christina xxx

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  1. Hi Christina, Ive been reading your blogs the last couple of weeks and your inspiring me girl! Im a competitor from Adelaide that is dealing with the same daily routines of good nutrition and training... and dreaded cardio =) What competition will you be doing?