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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Well, yesterday had depletion training at the gym, doing 4 sets of 20 reps for each muscle group. I started with legs, that wasn't so bad but I was working up a sweat and the gym has air con :), I then hit chest - owww, and then tri's (ow again) and on and on went the pain and it hurt and hurt - but at least I know I did something. Under the instruction of Tara, I started hitting the carbs from dinner and have to keep that up until tomorrow when I can go back to Keto. To be honest - I miss KETO!!!!. I feel bloated and yuck, lol. Woke up this morn and surprisingly was feeling flat and light (even though I carb loaded at dinner), weird. So I am at 67.7, might be a drop in water there, not sure, because a couple days before I was at 68.3.

So I started today off with 1 hour of cardio, which was good, hopped between machines to mix it up. I am hoping the day goes fast so I can go back to Keto, I miss it (I am harping on eh), I feel weird eating what I call 'bad foods'. lol.

Well talk soon.


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  1. good work Chrissy, just remember to keep your heart rate between 120 - 130 bpm. on keto you keep your cardio at a moderate pace so as to not waste any muscle :o) xx