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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hi everyone, stoked to have you all on board. Anyway so today started out well, hit the gym for my morning cardio after my scrummy brekky of egg whites, cheese and bacon bits. Jumped on the True Strider for 45 mins and burnt 712 calories, good start to the day and woke me up. After a shower and change, started eating again :), everyone in the office is like " Christina are you eating again?", "do you ever stop eating?", well the answer really is no, and unless they understand what I am doing well......

After work, it was gym time again, yay. I love tuesday's, chest and shoulders, oh goody. Oh how I love push ups (seriously), comes with the job I guess. I feel quite proud pumping out sets of 15 on toes while others are on their knees. Ok I promise I am not gloating :) or am I?? LOL.

Wait another fave exercise - bench press. Yay. Ok, now here comes the rant for the day, there is this lady (pt at the gym) who has to butt her nose in where it is frankly not wanted (now I am also qualified Cert 3 in Fitness mind you, working on 4) and she tells me I should'nt be going all the way to my chest on Bench. HA HA HA, I'm sorry lady, but no half arsed effort for me. After being a National Champion weightlifter, I think I know how to bloody bench press. Besides I was doing sets of 10 on 40kg so she can shove it. I politely thanked her for her advice, but oh how I wanted to tell her to shove it. Ok so it's off my chest now guys, but she really annoyed me. Last time she was telling me I squat too deep (this lady is a serial offender). Habit from my ol lifting days. If you wanna check out an old pic of me in action check out - www.qwa.org
Search for profiles, and mine is there with a piccy for u to giggle at.

Anyway overall had a great sess this arvo, loved the jelly like arms on the steering wheel driving home. Bout to have some dinner - mmm prawns mmmmm.

Talk to you all soon, xx

p.s. I promise there is no inflated ego, ha ha, this lady just got on my nerves and you guys were the first to know :)

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