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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ow my Legs and Butt hurt :)

Hi everyone,

Yesterday had an awesome session at the gym. Started with 3 sets of 20 squats. I then moved onto Romanian Deadlifts and completed another 3 sets of 12. Then it was step ups - I used a 15kilo plate (which was a jump from 10kilo). I then did lunges with barbell on shoulders and finished with a set of 50 on the leg press. After that I worked my abs. Well I rolled out of bed this morning, and thought "I'm only a little sore which is good", well I think I spoke too soon, I hit the gym for my morning cardio and all's I could think was geez my butt and hammies hurt, ha ha. The pain only continued to get worse throughout the day. I am happy I am sore, because I know I pushed myself.

This evening I worked on Shoulders and Chest, two of my fave bodyparts to work. I love doing push-ups, bench and shoulder presses, well I really love any exercise that works these muscles.

Other than that, I have had my 200grams of lamb for dinner (I am very full right now) and am relaxing on the couch.

Looking forward to low intensity cardio in the morning. Oh by the way, I have been offered a job starting in Jan at my Gym - Fernwood, so I am stoked about that, initially I will be a member motivator as well as possibly running my own boot-camp class. I have recently enrolled to do my Cert 4 in Fitness - waiting for my materials to arrive. I will be completing this via correspondence. I am looking forward to next year :) :)everything seems to be falling into place. Anyway talk soon

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