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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So far so good....

Hi everyone,

Well it's been almost a week since I have made a post - oops. Well I will start from Friday morning last week. On Thursday night I went to bed feeling a lil bit sick in the belly, I was hoping I was just full. Come 3 am Friday morning, I was throwing up everything from the day before I think - CAN U SAY YUCK?

Do you know what the only thing that was going through my head ???
I was thinking, oh shit, its depletion day and then carbing up from tonight till Sunday morning and how on earth am I gonna make it the gym to train in this condition. I felt horrible. Anyway after emptying everything in my poor belly, I limped back to bed and tried.. to go back to sleep. That wasn't happening at all I can assure you. In the morning I was still worse for wear and well next stop was the bathroom (I DONT THINK I NEED TO TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED FROM HERE). Laugh everyone, laugh :) my other half certainly was.

I grabbed my blackberry and fired off an apologetic email to Tara, saying I don't think I will be able to train today and pretty much what do I do from here, since it's meant to be carb food tonight as I am on Keto through the week.

By now I was back in bed, and sent the other half to the chemist to get me gastro-lite and some Imodium. I spent the WHOLE DAY in bed feeling sorry for myself. Come Sat I was as good as new. Went and did cardio and I was finally able to eat :)

So this week so far my program has been the following:

Monday - 45 mins cardio in the morning, legs in the evening
Tuesday - 45 mins cardio in the morning and triceps and biceps in the evening
Today its gonna be chest and shoulders :) YAY

Anyway I hope everyone has been having a great week and training hard :)

Remember - 'Don't let anyone ever DOUBT you' , the doubters are the ones who are jealous!!!!!

Happy training


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