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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Owwww, Im laxing on the couch and my triceps hurt, :) but it's a good pain. Started off with tricep push-ups and ouch, think I am sore from yesterday's session, lol. Had a great session at the gym, smashed triceps pretty hard and threw bi's in there for extra measure. Finished by working the abs.

Well only 2 days left at work for the year, so excited!!!! Can't wait to be sleeping, training and exercising and that's it, ah no work till the 19th Jan for me.

Today has been another good day for food, kept the carbs low and good fats and protein up. Still have dinner to go and it looks like its garlic prawns again and might have some fetta and natural peanut butter before bed. Other than that, I feel like I am in a good place, motivation is higher than ever, I am feeling fantastic and fitter as every day goes by.

Talk soon everyone. I will get a pic up soon, but if anyone has facebook, you can add me there under the email christina_2288@hotmail.com

See you soon
Christina xxxx

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