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Monday, November 30, 2009

Ok, so started the morning with 45m mins of cardio, mixed it up with cross trainer for 35 mins and then some incline walking on the treadmill for 10. So today I worked on getting my fats up and not the saturated kind, gotta check out the website Tara sent me. Went the gym and worked legs tonight, yipee. Definately felt like I worked tonight, finishing with a set of 50 reps on the leg press made me feel the burn. Anyway currently lurking around the house, deciding what to have for dinner and what to prep for tomorrow's food. Might have garlic prawns for dinner, yum. Anyway talk soon. Christina xxx


  1. Hi Christine & Welcome! Like you I also move around with work, but I'm Air Force. You have a great coach but then again you probably already know that. Enjoy yourself and I look forward to reading your journey. :o) xxx

  2. Hi Lia,
    Thanks for being along for the ride :)

  3. Hi Christina! I am also new to this blog stuff...I hope you like it as much as I have. I look forward to following your journey, and best of luck with it all up there in Darwin. I bet it is getting hot and steamy up there (I mean the weather!)

  4. Hey Christina, welcome to Blogland!! I look forward to reading all about your journey to the stage :) With the diet stuff - you'll get used to it...I also found it hard to give up bread but now enjoy it as a 'sometimes' food and I tell you what - I appreciate it a lot more :)
    Anyway good luck with the training, you have a great coach to help you along.

  5. hi christina, welcome to blogging :) I look forward to reading about you and your journey. im also a bread addict lol! but it is possible to overcome this when you get going and realise how much lower GI carbs fill you up and keep you satisfied :)

  6. Hey girl, welcome to blogland! I'm relatively new too, but have found that there is so much support out there from all the girls. I look forward to following your journey to the stage ;)

  7. Hi there and a BIG WELCOME to blogland! It is an excellent way to get support and motivation for your fitness goals. Good luck with your comp prep-looking forward to following your journey to that first one!

  8. Oh I am feeling the love!!! ;o)