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Monday, May 3, 2010


Hey everyone,

Ok so I am pretty flat out of late, but have to start blogging again.
Lately just been trying to get food on track and its happening now. 20 Weeks to go and must have my shit together to bring a great package to the stage.

Cardio has been added in again, gota lean up, lol. Can't wait. So I have attached a new pic, this was taken after I had woken up. Must get a pic after training one of these days.

Once again, this pic is embarrassing, but I figure hell I will be on stage in virtually a few pieces of string in a few months so what the heck :)

I stil have the imbalance in the shoulders which I am working on, for comp wil have to raise one shoulder up a bit.

Talk to you soon. Must head of soon for cardio.


  1. 人生中最重要的是要自尊、自愛、自立、自強、自信。 ....................................................

  2. LOL You don't have to tell me about emarrassing pics on your blog ;-)

    You look grogeous hun! I wish I looked like you when I woke up! But soon..... more hard work and discipline, and I'll be there!