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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Smash session courtesy of Vania Smith

Hi guys,

So today I had Vania Smith (a Figure Competitor) train me on Back and some biceps at the end of the session. She absolutely wrecked me, but I am happy that she did. There is nothing better than having someone else push you to ur limits.

Did soooo many exercises today, and worked my traps very hard as well :)

I could barely feel my forearms as I left the gym and the veins in my hands were bulging ha ha what the???

Well driving home was quite difficult, I was watching my hands on the steering wheel and they were shaking (I think a definite sign of a good workout.

Well I must cook lots of chicken today to be ready for this week, need some more consistency in that department.

Other than that stay tuned for more pics in the next few weeks - I'm getting brave ladies.

Also a big shout out to Tara - I can't thank you enough for having you help me with my prep and this journey which has been amazing so far.

You are always THERE for me and I can't say how much I appreciate YOU (HUGS)



  1. Looking pretty awesome yourself chicky! Hard work is paying off. Sounds like a great sess you had today....beware tomorrow, it's gonna hurt!!! lol!

  2. Hey Chicky, great to hear that Vania smashed you. Looking forward to seeing your measurements. Thanks for ur msg. I am only too happy to help! I love being part of your journey, thank you for allowing me to help you.

    hugs right back at ya! xx

  3. Looking good Christina! Thanks for sharing the pics - very motivating. Keep up the good work.

  4. Sounds like your kicking butt and the pics you have posted have proved it keep up the awesome work we are all here to back you right to and on the stage missy : )